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Boat Conference Tables

Boat shaped tops have sides that bow out towards the middle while the ends remain straight.  When compared to a racetrack shape, boat shaped tops are more modern and have additional base options.

Our standard conference tables are made from attractive and durable laminate with 1½" thick top and resilient PVC edge detail.

Custom conference tables come with many choices including material, shape, size, base style, grommet holes, and power options.


Available in varying lengths, shapes and finishes, our conference tables will fit nicely in any conference room application.

Using a combination of 4', 5', and 6' length tops, our standard conference tables can be made to any size (in 2' increments) from 6' on up.  Custom conference tables can be made to any size.

All standard conference tables come with grommet-holes for our optional power module inserts. 6' and 8' tables include one grommet while 10' and 12' tables include two grommets.  Tables larger than 12' will have three or more grommet holes depending on the total length of the table.

Price varies depending on shape, size, base type, grommets, material, and location of delivery.  Contact us for an estimate.

Standard Boat Finish Options:

Boat conference tables have a contrasting top option.  Typically this is done by using a white top with an accented cube base finish (or vise-versa).

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