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Standard Shape Desks

Whether you like the look of a big standalone executive desk or only have room for a small work-space, a standard shape desk may be a great choice for you.  The available sizes are 48", 60", 66", and 72" wide with a depth of either 24" or 30".  72" wide desks also have 36" and bow-front 42" depth options.

Classic Line

Full length modesty and side panels make our classic line the most popular.  Several finish options and configurations are available with coordinating pieces.  

Classic Line Photos

Elements Line

Minimalist concepts and metal accents give our elements line a more modern appeal. Several woodgrain laminate finishes are available as well as white.

Elements Line Photos

For more examples of our classic and elements

lines, download our standard catalog here.

Premium Desks

In addition to our high quality, versatile, and budget conscious standard desk lines, we have offer premium desk lines.  There are three main differences between standard and premium desks: design, lead time, and price.

Premium desk lines have several design differences over our standard lines. This includes material, edging, and style.  Our standard lines are made with high pressure laminate and 3mm PVC edges.  Premium lines often have more design characteristics like mitered accents, wood veneers, shaped edges, and differing styles like traditional or transitional. 

The lead time for most premium lines are roughly 4-6 weeks since each item is made to order as opposed to pre-manufactured.  Our standard desks have a typical lead time of 1-2 weeks from order placement to delivery.

The price difference between premium and standard desks varies depending on the line and configuration.  Please let us know if you're interested in an estimate.

Premium Desks by National

Premium Desks by Martin


If you're looking for something specific that can't be accomplished from our standard or premium selections, we offer custom desks as well.  This includes custom edging, odd sizes, special features, unique finishes, and more.   Price and lead time increases with custom pieces.  If you'd like an estimate, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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